Goals and Pain WTF

So most of you know I’m on my annual family vacation with my kids in Plymouth.

This was truly a much needed break to reflect n my goals and spend time actually paying attention to the kids and getting some rest and relaxation my body was craving.

Not really true though because here I am blogging on my website and I have spent most mornings thinking about new things to bring to the gym when I return, including some great revelations

(at least to me).

I had great plans for hitting the gym and learning from other people whilst keeping my own fitness in tact (lol) like my body wasn’t screaming give me a f@#ing break but instead I decided to bring a band with me for porch strength training and just walking by the ocean.

This seemed simple and perhaps even like an active recovery. That is until I downloaded a simple thing called a pedometer app. Suddenly my simple walks became more driven more purposeful, more like work.

This is what I meant about revelations happening while here. I know I am an incredibly driven person but I often miss how much it starts to seep into every area of my life.

Much to my surprise my first walk hurt like a M.F. and I mean really hurt. My toes, my shins, my ankles, my hips….wtf?? I am a crazy active overexercising nut job what is going on??

I realized as I kept pushing through (much in the way us crazy exercising fools who don’t actually practice what we preach do…….)(that’ll be the next blog stay tuned) is that I had been over training certain muscles that may not have been the “functional” muscles I constantly talk about in class.

The tibialis anterior the one that actually picks up the damn foot for oh i don’t know walking? Mine was weak and my calves from all the “up on our toes lets work MORE balance, had become overdeveloped. I have tight hips, overdeveloped glutes, weak hip flexors. I thought about picking up my feet fully when walking and I started stretching things that screamed to be stretched.

I worked on strengthening opposing muscles groups.

I stopped looking at my pedometer and bringing a phone for time checks and started watching the ocean and the people and the birds and bringing a kid with me to talk even if they couldn’t keep up. I refocused.

So new plan of action for my return is restoring flexibility, and balance in the muscle for you and for myself. Taking more time out to spend with my family because time is precious and goals are great as long as they are not driving you. Can’t wait to get back and start the new TRX Strength and Stretch Class! ~ Leslie

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